Oldies But Goodies From the Archives

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A handful of oldies but goodies from the archives:

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And thanks. Thanks for reading and commenting and emailing and helping me grow these past five years, and growing with me. I appreciate it more than you know. It’s a privilege, as Seth Godin has put it.

4 Responses to Oldies But Goodies From the Archives

  1. Michael Johnson says:

    You do have a great blog, and I check in every now and then. Keep up the great work.

    The last two lines, though, sounded awfully familiar. Inspiration or plagiarism? I believe I first saw it from Seth Godin in this post: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2009/02/luckiest-guy.html ?

  2. Ben Casnocha says:

    Yeah I remembered reading the “i appreciate it more than you know” from somewhere – it was Seth – thanks for the link. Since it’s a generic short sentence with an innocuous message of gratitude I didn’t track down the source to link to in original post…

  3. The “Guilty sense of privilege” link is a mailto.

  4. Ben Casnocha says:

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