What Does Society Overcomplicate?

Andy Sack once wrote that “Leadership is about making things simple.”

I’ve been thinking about what ideas are overcomplicated in society (usually to benefit one of those pirate-in-necktie capitalists). Here are a few I thought of:

1. Losing Weight — There are only two things to remember: Eat less and exercise more. If people followed these two, basic rules, I guarantee you’d lose weight. Instead, people read books and watch videos and read studies and adopt trendy diets…

2. Becoming a Better Writer — Read more and write more. Period. Instead people buy books on writing, take writing classes, and do most of their “writing” in PowerPoint…

3. Becoming a Better Entrepreneur — Be an entrepreneur. Do entrepreneurship. You may mess up, but I guarantee that by the act of doing (and failing, or succeeding) you’ll become a better entrepreneur. Instead prospecitve entrepreneurs think about it, read books about it, go to conferences, mull it over….

4. Being a Good Parent — Parents should offer love and freedom (emotionally) and room and board (physically). Everything else is trivial. But the massive parenting industry, by perpeutating the “nurture” myth, now says the job includes Baby Einstein cards, daily note-taking on the mood swings of your child, endless tutors, and on and on and on…

Note that just because something’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Parenting, writing, and entrepreneurship are all really hard. But simple.

From your perspective, what’s made out to be complicated that in fact is simple?

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