Do Only Negative Emotions Count for Depth?

Does going through a grieving process contribute more to your emotional depth than going through a period of intense joy?

Does sadness stretch you more than happiness? Does experiencing intense loneliness change you more than intense companionship? In short, do only negative emotions count for depth?

I’m not sure. I think experiencing emotions on either end of the spectrum contribute to your emotional development, and that if you only have experienced the negative but not the positive you are no more emotionally developed than someone who’s only experienced the positive.

But as someone who fits in the latter category — no intense grieving, depression, or prolonged loneliness for me, yet — maybe this is just wishful thinking. Naturally, it’s he who has experienced and understands the full range of emotions who should in theory be most emotionally dveloped.

Your thoughts?

(hat tip to Dave Jilk for sparking this idea)

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