Writers / Entrepreneurs Are Always Watching People

Someone smart told me this the other day:

“Writers are always watching people. In order to have output, we need to have input.”

I love people who observe their surroundings and try to make sense of it. I love people who load up on input (people, books, ideas) and then process it, analyze it.

A similar thing could be said about entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs are always looking for problems. Always looking for things that can be done easier / cheaper / faster. They look at the world through the lens of improvement.

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6 comments on “Writers / Entrepreneurs Are Always Watching People
  • Add to that –

    Writers and entrepreneurs are also a crazy bunch. The former chose to write, when it’s easier to read. The latter chose to build, when it’s easier to buy.

  • Ben,

    I would argue that anyone — be they an entrepreneur, a writer, a politician, a scientist — trying to have an effect must also have an engaged mind. He who looks for data points to confirm to a preestablished ideology is not only foolish, but dangerous.

  • Ben,

    Absolutely. I would further contend that the secret to life is figuring out how to live life your own way – to figure things out for yourself and yourself alone. We do this by actually living life – through investigation: experimenting and interacting and observing to determine what works for us and what doesn’t.

    Good post.


  • Ben, there’s a reason I visit your site frequently — this is it. Now, if only I had more time to dedicate to collecting all that input…

    Krishna, you make an excellent point. We are a strange bunch, we writers and bloggers.

    Charles: how incredibly centrist of you — you could’ve stolen those words right from my mouth! (I’m pulling your leg, of course.)

    David, you also have a great point — and what is college if not one great experiment of the mind?

  • ahh.. i like that.. a good thing to say… someone asked me the other day why I don’t talk some time and I told them I needed to be able to watch so I could then write…

    thanks for always inspiring Ben!!!


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