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I must be in a good mood, because I’ve laughed pretty hard already this morning. I should be prepping for my speeches tomorrow in San Antonio, but instead I moved through my RSS reader and came across these gems of lines:

1. More evidence that kids today are soft:

The New York Times Magazines revisits the first episodes of Sesame Street, the packaging of which warns that the shows "may not suit the needs of today’s preschoolers." The writer discovers an abundance of "disturbing" content in early Sesame Street, such as one scene where "two brothers risk concussion while whaling on each other with allergenic feather pillows."

2. My friend Ross Carlson has a nice tech support rant on his blog. I worked with Ross (and got my ass kicked in guitar hero more than once) when I was living in Colorado with the Mobius gang. Money graf:

"Call Microsoft!" I exclaim, what the fuck for? "You built the machine, not Microsoft, they have no fucking clue what network card is in it!". She puts me on hold for 5+ minutes and comes back with the same answer, call Microsoft. Ok, clearly this isn’t going anywhere so I ask for a supervisior. Again hold. Again "sorry, they are busy, call Microsoft". I tell her no, that isn’t an acceptable answer, "I want a fucking supervisor and I want them right now".

All of us have dealt with non-English speaking reps before, and all of us have demanded supervisors. A few months ago, I told Earthlink I had filed a lawsuit against them in San Francisco small claims court, just to get somebody to do something for me. Tech support and travel horror stories are the ultimate bond among humans.

3. Texas Monthly has a piece on Jenna Bush and her new book, and it has some of the late night comedian lines on her:

Conan O’Brien: “Jenna’s written her book for children, which is a good thing. Now her dad will be able to read it too.” David Letterman: “It’s going to be an expensive wedding. I guess it’s no surprise the three-billion-dollar contract is going to Halliburton.” Jay Leno: “Jenna announced her engagement two weeks ago, although President Bush knew about it over a month ago from some wiretaps.”

OK – enough humor for today – time to pack my suitcase.

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