Colleges Recruiting Students for Chess

I played competitive chess as a kid. It was a hobby to which I devoted a good deal of time — going to tournaments, reading books, re-playing my games. In the past year I’ve tried to re-ignite my passion. I read and loved David Shenk’s "The Immortal Game". I’m playing several correspondence games on (email me if you want to play). And there are some talented players at Claremont who I am learning from.

But reading articles like, "Rah! Rah! Block That Rook!" in The American (a new and surprisingly interesting magazine), about colleges recruiting stand-out chess players like they recruit basketball players, reminds me how much more I would have to practice to even come close to playing for the vaunted University of Texas at Dallas chess team. Heck – UT-D offered chess prodigy Ray Robson a full scholarship when he was 10 years old. Wow.

Worth reading for any chess fan.

Here’s a Portfolio article on Kasparov and whether life imitates chess.

Here’s one of my favorite chess quotes: "A chess genius is a human being who focuses vast, little-understood mental gifts on an ultimately trivial human enterprise. Almost inevitably, this focus produces pathological symptoms of nervous stress and unreality."

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