Which Traits Increase Value Nonstop?

In today’s Wall Street Journal an article titled Tough CEOs Often Most Successful, a Study Finds ends with this provocative paragraph:

Messrs. Street and Smart say it may be that some of the "soft" traits are best in moderation, while the value of "hard" traits increases nonstop. A certain amount of flexibility makes for a better CEO, for example, but too much can shade into indecisiveness. By contrast, any extra persistence might be a boon.

True. We usually talk about the traits best in moderation as most fall in this category. Persistence, though, is certainly an example that increases value nonstop. What are others? It’s hard to think of traits which do not have a backstop in terms of helping your cause as a CEO.

Maybe ethics / morals, though I would argue this still has a dimension of moderation, since business requires making hard calls and there isn’t time to run each and every decision past ethical philosophers.

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