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* From the Department of Insanity in Higher Ed: "Brandeis is working hard to ensure that its faculty is properly sensitive and that its students are properly empowered to punish professors who they determine are not sensitive enough." Yes, sensitivity training for a professor who offended a student. Read it and weep.

* Bilingual America: More signs that schools are teaching students Spanish alongside English (NYT). David Shenk adds that bilingualism affords enormous cognitive benefits.

* The PayPal Mafia: A fun story on the powerhouse PayPal gang who have gone on to dominate Silicon Valley (Fortune). The success of their employees and corporate culture is just stunning and worthy of study for any entrepreneur.

* Teen sex and delinquency: The earlier you lose your virginity the less likely you are to become delinquent (WashPost). Early sex has a genetic basis, namely in one’s propensity to take risks. If you engage in early sexual behavior maybe you avoid other worse alternatives. Kids on average lose their virginity at age 16.

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  • In regards to bilingual America, the other day when I was volunteering with Reading to Kids the kindergarteners I was reading to barely spoke any English. Fine, they had just immigrated, that is to be understood–I am especially empathetic due to my immigrant status.

    BUT I couldn’t help but wonder, would these students be any better off if the calendars and classroom instructions were in English, or had English alongside Spanish? True story. Kindergarten classroom, entirely furnished with educational materials en espanol.

    Thus, although I wholeheartedly support bilingualism—hell, I’m all for everyone become a polyglot—there needs to be a base language in America. And that’d be English.

  • Re: Your delcious page: 111 fans, but no one worthy enough to be in *your* network? I consider those 68 people in *my* network as my (mostly unknown) colleagues who’re out there finding me cool websites. (I’m at jude2004)
    That might be why I’ve tagged 5,278 sites.

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