Logistics Technology Behind FedEx and UPS

I’ve always been fascinated with logistics — how does FedEx, UPS, etc. manage to deliver so many packages around the world? The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a quickie on UPS protocols to maximize employee efficiency:

While at a stop, drivers are supposed to hang their key ring from a finger so it’s handy when they get back behind the wheel, where they simultaneously start the engine with their right hand while fastening the seat belt with their left.

Also, check out this cool YouTube video of FedEx planes being diverted during a thunderstorm in Memphis. Here’s to the air traffic controllers!

2 comments on “Logistics Technology Behind FedEx and UPS
  • I recently talked to a UPS employee whose route includes Aspen. I’d heard about UPS’s effort to minimize left turns,so I asked him about that. He said, “Yeah, they do that in some of the larger cities, but not here.” When he talked about being a UPS driver, it was with embarrassment. “I have two college degrees, but this is good money.” I said, “That’s the way things work out sometimes.”

  • That’s a fascinating video of the FedEx planes. I sent it to my brother, who is currently studying to be a commercial pilot at UND–he’ll think it’s pretty cool.

    The sheer logistics must be absolutely mind-boggling. I’m glad that there are people like you who enjoy that, because it would give me a tremendous headache!

    Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy reading your blog

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