Seth Godin on Squidoo and Viral

Seth Godin has one of the best jobs, in my view: he thinks, writes about what he thinks, and then propagates those ideas.

Eric Enge has a worthwhile text interview with Seth which touches on the Squidoo phenomenon (it blows my mind how successful that site has become), viral marketing in general, Yahoo, Google, etc.

We tried to get out of the way of people’s ability to share. We tried to make it so that it’s very easy to set up, and it’s very easy to promote.

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  • This viral marketing model seems fabulous in the internet era…innumerable options, umpteen choices for the consumer to pick things out or get noticed.

    However one thing that bothers me, as I have noted in my Blog entry, is the plethora of services/information on the net that leaves a convoluted picture of the web in the user’s mind…which cannot be extircated by any search engine/community services…This article on product ‘Overchoice’ crisply covers the issue.
    Just wondering is there a simple way to unclutter the mess…Wat do u say?

    P.S.: Been following ur blog for a while now, sounds insightful, keep ticking!

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