“I Would Be Happy To…” and “Entrepreneurism”

Does anyone else notice when someone says, “I would be happy to,” as in, “I would be happy to have lunch with you.”

We reciprocal mammals always seem to need to make it explicit who’s doing who a favor.

If you want to be hierarchy-neutral, I prefer “I’d love to have to lunch with you” or, with a little less enthusiasm, “Sure, I’d like to have lunch with you.”


Since we’re on the verbal pet peeve topic, I also must also voice protest with the widespread usage of “entrepreneurism”. My friend Dave first tipped me off to this some time ago, and ever since I’ve cringed when hearing it. “Entrepreneurial” – sure. “Entrepreneurship” – great. “Entrepreneurism” – meaningless. Right? Or does it contain some other meaning not encompassed in the other two words?

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