Humor of the Day from Elaine

Elaine from Seinfeld on circumcision:

Elaine: Have you ever seen one?
Jerry: You mean that wasn’t –
Elaine: Yeah.
Jerry: No.. you?
Elaine: Ya.
Jerry: What’d you think?
Jerry: Not good?
Elaine: No, had no face, no personality, very dull. It was like a Martian. But hey, that’s me.

(hat tip: Andrew Sullivan)

4 comments on “Humor of the Day from Elaine
  • Vince,

    …sometimes the occasion of perhaps the ugliest word in English– ‘smegma’.

    Smegma occurs naturally in female genitalia, as well. Are you suggesting that we start cutting female genitalia to prevent smegma? Or should we stop pretending that we don’t have brains capable of understanding that soap and water work just as well for males as they do for females, no cutting necessary?

    (Or medically indicated, since male circumcision is almost always purely elective. Not so much by the recipient, since his reasonably assumed wishes are ignored. But let’s not let that obvious human rights violation get in our way.)

    P.S. Ben, I get the humor in the joke. I just don’t think it’s an acceptable prescription for an infant who won’t be confronted with that aesthetic sexual preference concern for a considerable period of time. Not that I have any idea whether you agree or disagree.

  • This subject is a little too controversial for my liking. Personally its shocking that genital mutilation is acceptable and is a big difference between America and the UK in my mind.

    This is not the place for in depth discussion, and yes, the joke is funny (in a sad way that perception of what is ‘normal’ has been changed in some communities), but there is a lot of fascinating debate on the subject if you look for it, which for an internet generation is no hard task.

    Rant over. đŸ™‚

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