Is It Immoral to be Unhappy?

This morning I saw this provocative post by Auren Hoffman which asked, “Is it immoral to be unhappy?” He refers to the extremely lucky in the world (ie people who have the capacity to read blogs) as the “blessed class.”

Imagine an unblessed person. Imagine what they think when they see someone who is blessed, who has everything … yet is still unhappy. They’ll think you are crazy … insane … because you have it all.

So today at lunch I posed this question to some friends: “We have unlimited opportunities in this world and amazingly lucky, so guys, is it immoral to be unhappy?” The response came: “I think there’s a difference between being appreciative and being happy. I can be appreciative for what I have but not happy.” My response: “But are you truly appreciative if what you have can’t make you happy?” Hmm…

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