All Hail Benedict!

I was named “Benedict” after my great great uncle Benedict Arnold, the great American traitor. I tell this story often so I was pleased when people came into my English class “Ben, the new pope has chosen the name Benedict!!!” I was thrilled. Along these lines, the Baby Name Wizard NameVoyager is a great site that shows how popular your names (and others) were/are at different points in history.

Link: German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Elected Pope.

3 comments on “All Hail Benedict!
  • Aww sucks. I guess I made you happy. By extension, this must be good for your morality (see “Is It Immoral to be Unhappy?” above). Therefore, can I get credit for helping to save your soul? 😉

  • yo dicky, what kinda teenager wears a bow tie? i’ll tell you what kinda teenager. a teenager that wants to fit into the “wanna be tucker carlson” youth stereotype because he feels like he needs to fit in to something. winston churchill once said “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart.” i would love to stick up for you, but winston churchill said it and he was a pretty smart guy, i would hate for people to believe i thuoght i was smarter then him. It baffles me how anyone who is so obviously obsessed with himself could manage to take time from looking in the mirror and writing own name lovingly on napkins to start a company. you truly are amazing, as you must already know.

    p.s. jon stewart kicked tucker carlson’s ass

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