Meetings in the NYC

Yesterday I took the train from Jersey Shore into NYC and had three meetings. I hadn’t been to New York in years so it was interesting to be back and remember what the Big Apple is all about. Security didn’t seem to be a big deal at all – in fact, I pranced into one office building and took the elevator up without anyone stopping me…A weird change from the super-strict sign-in process at Comcate’s San Francisco office.

I met with two college age entrepreneurs – Ben Cathers and Michael Simmons. Both are hard working young men doing some interesting and impressive things. It was enjoyable for me to learn about how they think about their life and work and businesses, and contrast their opinions with my own. They are just a couple of the amazing young people I mentioned in an earlier post.

Finally, I met with Fred Wilson, a VC in New York. While we didn’t have a ton of time, it was a pleasure meeting Fred, talking about Comcate, and then chatting briefly about blogs and our respective attitudes to this medium. In addition to entrepreneurship/business stuff, his thoughts on blogging are nuanced and thoughtful. He’s been doing it for awhile, too. I recommend checking out his blog.

I capped my day off by catching a minor league baseball game of the Lakewood Blueclaws, a Single A affilate of the Phillies in Lakewood, NJ. I’d say 90% of the people who go to minor league baseball games are not real baseball fans, they are there for the experience. And what an experience it was. The mascots are humping the umps and the sound system is fearless when it comes to playing songs like “Wild Thing” after a walk. I’d recommend a minor league baseball game to anyone who is by a team with strong local support. Find out if there’s a team near you.

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