Teens Take Over Convention…and Other Amazing Young People

You probably have heard about the 12 year old girl from Oakland who spoke at the Dems convention. She started “Kids for Kerry.” You also probably heard about the 16-year-old blogger from New Jersey who has turned heads with his nuanced political analysis on a blog and is an official blogger at the convention.

In addition to finding out about these two amazing young people, I have met over the past six months some very smart college entrepreneurs, high school age journalists breaking investigative stories, and other teens setting the world on fire. The universe of these young people doing incredible things is small. But they are names you will be reading on the front pages in a few years. I wonder if there’s a way to bring together all this talent, all this energy, all these minds, and produce some sort greater whole…I’m not sure if it’s in book form, or some sort of organization, or web site, or something, but it seems like there is small universe of incredible people and it would be great to bring everyone together in some way. My thoughts on this are opaque at best; I’d love to hear yours.

4 comments on “Teens Take Over Convention…and Other Amazing Young People
  • Hey Ben,

    I enjoy reading your blog! Yes, I definitely agree that there is a lot of young people doing interesting things that are changing the world! On a small level, I’ve tried to meet the ones I read about and connect people. With the online publishing company I’m launching, I’m hoping to work with exceptional youth on creating books for other youth (for us, by us model).

    At the very least, there should be some sort of networking event/conference (In NYC because its the center of the world and because I live there). It seems like an event like this could attract media attention and perhaps some interesting sponsors. The only problem is that all these youth are too busy to organize it 🙂

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