Idea: AIM Plug-in to Blogging Tool

(I am sitting in the concourse on a hot spot at Newark airport. I just literally fought my way through a crowd after it was announced that there were two seats exit row available. It was me versus three other guys. I got it.)

My brothers use AOL Instant Messenger quite often. All of their college friends use it and they all post away messages. People check each other’s away messages. I think these “away messages” are a primitive blog. They will update their away message, “Just went to the YMCA” or “I can’t believe the Giants lost!!” If it doesn’t already exist, there should be a plug-in to AIM that would allow people to archive their away messages in a daily format, and keep an away message online even if AIM is not open. Someone in the open source community develop it, and I’ll be beta tester #1.

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