Idea: AIM Plug-in to Blogging Tool

(I am sitting in the concourse on a hot spot at Newark airport. I just literally fought my way through a crowd after it was announced that there were two seats exit row available. It was me versus three other guys. I got it.)

My brothers use AOL Instant Messenger quite often. All of their college friends use it and they all post away messages. People check each other’s away messages. I think these “away messages” are a primitive blog. They will update their away message, “Just went to the YMCA” or “I can’t believe the Giants lost!!” If it doesn’t already exist, there should be a plug-in to AIM that would allow people to archive their away messages in a daily format, and keep an away message online even if AIM is not open. Someone in the open source community develop it, and I’ll be beta tester #1.

3 Responses to Idea: AIM Plug-in to Blogging Tool

  1. Michael says:

    Great idea!

  2. Nick Gray says:

    Me and my partner Ryan Farley did it last year for a ‘Senior Thesis Project’ at Wake Forest University. See BuddyGopher at for more information. We displayed the messages in aggregate form (like Bloglines or any other RSS reader) and archived old Away Messages (creating ‘Away Message blogs’) – all through the tiny HTTP browser built into the AIM client Buddy List.

    Our service is down indefinitely, so you can’t demo 🙁 We couldn’t keep up with our growth – still working on a solution that properly addresses scaling.

    By the way, I really like your blog. When I read about you starting it a few months back, I figured “Awesome, but can he keep at it?”

    Props from Atlanta, Georgia.

  3. Nick Gray says:

    Update: We have re-launched BuddyGopher. If you’d like to check your friends away messages all at once, or see your friends previous away messages turned into bite-sized blogs, check out our website at


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