A new life begins for the next nine months

That was quick. Summer is over, as of today. I started junior year this morning and it felt weird to be back. Nothing has really changed – I love high school for the same reasons, and I hate it for the same reasons. I love it because I surrounded by really smart kids who are super funny. And those things (smarts and humor) are very very high on my evaluation of somebody. I hate it because there’s something woefully wrong with how this country approaches education and, as David Brooks puts it, lives in the future tense.

I will be busy these next nine months (see what I’m studying)…even busier come the winter during basketball season. But I’m not going to wear this on my sleeve. I know being busy is hip and I don’t want to be hip in this way. How will these next nine, long months affect my blogging? I don’t know. I will probably post a little less frequently – say, a few times a week instead of every day or every other day. Fact remains, my business and activities at school come first. What I am not going to do is give up on this blog. No no, the more time I spend in this space the more I’m learning. And learning is good. So you can be assured that this blog will stay active and I will continue to try to engage you.

After all, I try not to let school get in the way of my education. (Mark Twain)

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