What I'll Be Studying/Working on First Semester Junior Year

My high school is pretty amazing in its course offerings. There are a lot of classes taught by a lot of PhDs and really smart people. Now in my junior year I have a variety of electives to choose from. If I didn’t place into a low spanish and low math class freshman year, I’d have even more exotic choices. Nevertheless, starting in a week, I will be devoting some amount of brainpower (although probably not enough) to studying the following topics:

1. US History AP – This is a big course with a lot of random dates and memorization. But I’m happy that by the end of the year I will know about every facet of United States history (wars, legislation, presidents, etc.) The question is how much can I retain afterwards.

2. The Big Payback: Literature of Revenge – Semester long course with some crazy books that examine how revenge has worked its way through pre-20th century literature.

3. Spanish III – I can drop Spanish after this year. That’s all I can say.

4. Trigonometry – This will be a battle…to stay awake.

5. Environmental Science AP – 99% of the junior class takes physics. I have no interest whatsoever in learning how light bends. Or why I can drop a ball and it hits the ground. I do have an interest in environmental politics and ecology. But I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of corporation-bashing.

6. MIDI Class – We have a recording studio (an alum in the music industry donated it) which is very sophisticated. This class allows me to get trained in this facility so I can oversee the recordings at KUHS Radio, the campus radio station I founded last year.

7. Comcate Foundation – This is my community service, I’ll be doing entrepreneurship education and promotion through the Comcate Foundation. I have thoughts on community service at school, will post them at a later time.

8. KUHS Radio – I started a radio station last year, I’m going to post on it more later. Right now it’s webcast and includes student music and other talk radio. Here I mainly oversee recordings, bring in guest speakers from the radio world, and get people involved.

9. Quasi-Chess Club – I’m starting this club this year with a couple friends. It’s called “quasi” because it’s not an official club (avoid paperwork). We basically try to play chess whenever we can.

10. Newsflash – A friend and I are heading this up for the next two years. At all school meetings we facilitate someone reading a bipartisan report of current affairs and news.

11. Devils Advocate – School newspaper. I’m op-ed editor. We are going to hold the administration’s feet to the fire! I love school newspapers.

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