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In-n-Out Burger for lunch, followed by a lesbian wedding where an Indian food truck served dinner. Another day in the Bay Area.;
So long, Portland, Oregon. Quick take after first visit (two days), nice funky downtown, more beautiful than expected, lots of homeless ppl.;
Why Japan is one-of-a-kind for Americans: it’s a completely different world (culturally) yet equal or better material standard of living.;
JFK to SFO flight arrived 75 minutes early because “there were no ground delays at JFK.” Shows how much buffer they build into the schedule.;
The buffalo mozzarella cheese in Italy really is 10x better than any mozzarella I’ve had in the States. (First noted in 2006, again today.);
Milan, Italy. Bathroom. Trying to wash hands at sink. Finally learn that you turn sink on by pressing a pedal on the floor with your foot.;
Cool hotel room safe at Mandarin Oriental: an electrical outlet *inside* the safe so you can charge your devices after closing/locking.;
When ordering a $4 USD burger at McDonald’s in Santiago, Chile today, I could do a one-time payment, or multiple installments on credit card;
All the folks I’ve met from the region have been friendly, but the Omanis especially so. Very warm people. Oman is now on my travel list!;
Three days in NYC, and was able to patronize Subway, McDonalds, and Qdoba one time each. #linning;
The street food vendors in the medina in Marrakech hawk their dirt cheap food with this English phrase: “5-star Michelin! 5-star Michelin!”;
Everyone in London does indeed seem to “Look Right” or “Look Left” before crossing crosswalks, obeying the sign on the street. +1 for safety;
I love how civilized/orderly Switzerland is. At Zurich crosswalk today, no cars in sight yet every pedestrian waited patiently until green.;
The history in Athens is amazing. Walking around the Acropolis and tourguide says, “Over there is where Socrates was made to drink hemlock.”;
In Greece, every day some group is on strike. Today and tomorrow, public transit workers and archaeologists. Yesterday, gas workers / miners;
When someone says, “I’m never flying United/American/Delta again” I think, “Yes, until they’re the cheapest fare next time u book a ticket.”;
In Detroit. I haven’t been in a place where there’s been snow on the ground in more than three years. I call it, “Purposeful Travel.”;
Flight to Semarang: they showed Candid Camera episodes entire flight and gave out free Kit-Kat bars. 80’s Americana is alive, in south Asia;
Hospitality in Muslim culture towards visitors / foreigners is famous, but so far in Indonesia it has blown me away. Truly over the top.;
Paraty, Brazil. Beautiful coastal town. Awesome weather. Sits in between Sao Paulo and Rio, but it seems like a world away.;
In America, the best athletes are split among basketball, football, baseball. In Brazil (and most LatAm) all the best athletes play soccer.;
American music from the 70’s and 80’s plays in most supermarkets, cafes, hotel lobbies, etc. in Chile (and every other country I’ve been to);
@MarcBenioff I’ve been pro-Japan ever since my first visit in 2006. Beautiful country. Super underrated. Tokyo is magical.;
Three Chile observations: 1) All houses are behind gates/fences, 2) Canned soup does not exist, 3) Maids clean gym 24/7, crazy maid culture!;
Everyone in D.C. walks around with an ID tag / scan card clipped to their belt.;
Off to the second most physically beautiful state (after California) in the United States: Utah. Very much underrated.;
Fresh milk does not exist in Chile. Only boxed milk stored at room temperature. As a milkaholic, this is not good news for me.;
A local tells me Chileans eat more bread than anyone else in the world. One kilo of bread a day. True so far for me. Bread, bread, bread…;
Beautiful morning in west Texas. I love this state for same reasons I love Cali: lots of open space, scale, and good Mexican food.;
In one classroom in Cyprus, none of the 50 students had heard of the company “Apple Computer.” All had heard of the company “Facebook.”;
Still bullet holes in the hotel in the UN Buffer zone between North and South Cyprus, which I have crossed several times already…;
On the train to Washington D.C. Trains are lovely, but the northeast is singularly dense. Rail just doesn’t make sense in western U.S.;
Hasta luego Boston. You are a beautiful city (especially Charles River) and there still is so much to talk about. I’ll be back.;
Valparaiso, Chile is probably my favorite city of this South America jaunt. Lovely lovely. Hills, colors, water, laid back vibe.;
In all Latin America “Diet Coke” is branded “Coca-Cola Light.” Localized branding is always fascinating.;
Awesome morning run in Santiago. Crisp cool air. Snowcapped Andes mountains as the backdrop. Eminem on the iPod. I love Chile already.;
Burger King abroad (at least Ecuador and Uruguay) is surprisingly upscale. Like Pizza Hut and KFC in China -considered nice places.;
Just off a 20 hr bus ride to central Argentina, mostly so I can say I did it! Whew. Read Emerson’s essays, listened to Goo Goo Dolls, slept.;
When choosing aisle or window seat on plane you need only ask yourself one question: Do I go to the bathroom more or less than avg person?;
Why was Munich airport so stress-free? One big reason: no blaring PA system. No “Homeland Security Level Orange” message every 5 minutes.;
In Alaska I learned I didn’t like boats, in India I learned I didn’t like spicy food, in Cartagena I learn I don’t like tropical weather.;
Watching Caribbean sea waves crash off the coast of Cartagena. A kind of trance ensues, like when you stare into the flames of a fire.;
Eating a double-whopper at LAX airport Burger King, “YMCA” by Village People blaring on speakers, everyone around me still speaking Spanish.;
In Mexico lunch is eaten around 2 PM and is the largest meal of the day. Dinner is light or not eaten at all.;


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