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U.S. businesses spent $171.5 billion on learning and development in 2010 -Google’s corporate education programs.;
A study on civil resistance found 3/4 of *nonviolent* movements get some or all of what they want, compared with 1/3 of the *violent* ones.;
Hugh Hefner wrote in his autobiography that he has slept with about 2,000 women total.;
30% of Americans in jobs where govt requires $$ formal training + license: hair stylists, interior designers, trainers.;
At some airlines, 1% of their passengers (the most elite frequent fliers) drive 25% of their revenue. Wow. (via Wall Street Journal);
The majority of rapes in U.S. happen in prison, making the U.S. the first country in history where most rape victims are men. (via n+1);
Staples Center in LA transforms from a pro basketball court to a pro ice hockey rink in under two hours. (via @mktplaceradio);
Most types of cancer are not caused *only* by genes and luck. Diet and lifestyle play important role. E.g breast cancer and the Western diet;
53% of Recent College Grads Jobless or Underemployed -The Atlantic (Nursing is the exception w/r/t middle-skill jobs.);
“Your parents don’t want what is best for you. They want what is good for you, which isn’t always the same thing.” -Charles Wheelan;
“Those who have a memory are able to live in the fragile present moment. Those who have none live nowhere.” Blog post:;
When tech celebs proudly/publicly delete their accounts on popular services it’s often about promoting an identity of “independent thinker.”;
Southwest Airlines has 25 flights a day between Houston and Dallas. One reason: 13% of Texans live more than 100 miles from their work. (BW);
Parking garages: super expensive to build in a big city. Aboveground structures cost up to $40k per space. Belowground: up to $140k / space.;
Happiness tip: “Faces in the morning.” Seeing human faces after waking up, esp. in-person, lifts one’s spirits for rest of day. (via SR);
The place where highways 101, 5, 10, and 60 meet in Los Angeles is the world’s busiest highway interchange, handling 550,000+ cars daily.;
Anthropologist Helen Fisher says her studies show that, under the age of 40, women are equally as likely to commit adultery as men.;
Consumer Reports has 3.3 million paying online subscribers to its content. Wow.;
Minimum number of birds that die from crashing into New York City windows each year: 100,000 (via Harper’s Index);
Appointing a devil’s advocate in a group paradoxically increases support for the orthodox position rather than increasing doubt (2001 study);
None of Germany’s largest 80 companies has a woman as CEO. (source: FT);
A Boeing jet generates 10 terabytes of information per engine every 30 minutes of flight. -Stephen Brobst, CTO of Teradata;
In 2002 the median grade at Harvard was an A-, and 91% of students graduated with “honors.” How does anyone take college grades seriously?;
95% of medical technology donated to developing countries breaks within the first five years of use. -Steven Johnson;
Greater Tokyo has a population (35 m.) greater than the total population of Canada, a territory four thousand times larger (via K. Robinson);
Dan Ariely: Height matters in romance. A man who is 5’9″ has to earn $40k more a year to be as attractive to avg woman as a man who’s 5’10”.;
20% of Google searches have never been done before on the search engine. (via “Six Pixels of Separation”);
A meta study of 211 empirical studies show women are as or more physically aggressive than men in their relationships w/ their male partners;
It took 10 million man hours to make the movie Avatar. It would haven taken one man 2,000 years (full-time) to make. (via @logankugler);
10% of college-age youth in Brazil attend college. Of that number, 50% drop-out. In Chile it’s 40% (run rate), don’t know drop-out levels.;
The largest newspaper in Brazil has 500,000 subscribers. There are 190 million people living in Brazil.;
“The average European cow lives on a $2.50-a-day subsidy when 3 billion ppl live on under $2 a day.” -James Wolfensohn on Europe ag subs;
The first five players drafted in the NFL draft by the SF 49ers all majored in “General Studies” in college.;
50% of the fresh produce (food) consumed in the U.S. in a six month period is grown and picked in Mexico.;


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