Tweets: Practical Tips

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Best time to email a really busy person who’s senior/executive: Saturday morning. Best time to email a 9-5 junior employee: Tuesday morning;

Easy way to boost energy: at the end of a hot shower, turn water cold for 20 seconds and stand under it. Momentarily painful, but worth it.;
Ideal conditions for maximum productivity: slightly hungry and slightly chilly.;
I sent the guy 4 emails, 3 text messages, and 3 voicemails until he finally replied to me with a time to talk. The power of following-up…;
Easy way to soften a piece of feedback or criticism: turn periods into question marks.;
When ordering food at restaurants favor dishes that are hard to make at home. I rarely order pasta at a restaurant.;
Put a note that says “$500 reward if you have found this laptop and return it to me by calling X” on your laptop, just in case…;
Writing in a private, non-public journal is helpful for me to record private thoughts that would otherwise circulate non-stop in my head.;
Good tip: in your emergency prep kit (you do have one, right??) include a thumbdrive with scans of passport, medical, legal, etc docs.;
Sleep hack: When you’re to be woken by an alarm, don’t look @ the clock after you turn off the light, especially if you’re tossing + turning;
Usually I dress very informally. Today, randomly, I decided to wear a button down dress shirt, and I feel more productive / focused.;
When John Doe tries to convince me of something, I first think not about the issue but about J Doe’s biases, baggage, and potential agenda.;
Asking a question starting with “Why?” can be perceived as defensive / intimidating. Instead say, “For what reason?” (h/t @wojciech);
If you eat at someone’s home, don’t try to do the dishes, you just get in the way. It’s possible to be annoyingly “too gracious.”;
Being up on news/current affairs is an important social lubricant. Like it or not, the headlines are a big part of informal chit-chat.;

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