Startup of You: The Podcast

So many people are turned off by the idea of “networking,” because they think of it as fake, slimy glad-handing.

But that’s not how it should be!

I’m thrilled that my Startup of You co-author Reid Hoffman and I are launching a career strategy podcast today that discusses how to create authentic human connection, pivot your career, take risks, and ultimately achieve your goals.

You can listen to the first 3 episodes right here. We’ll be dropping new episodes once a week for the next 7 weeks this summer.

10 Year Anniversary Edition of Startup of You

This week, Reid and I were delighted to release a new edition of our career strategy guide The Startup of You. 10 years since the original publication in 2012, much in the world of work has changed — and the revised and updated edition includes advice on how to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic economy. Of any of the writing we’ve worked on together or separately, I think The Startup of You has had some of the deepest emotional resonance with people because it hits on such fundamental questions: What should I do with my life? What type of career should I build? How do I balance competing motivations? What are strategies for having success in the workplace in all the key tactical areas like building a network, establishing a personal brand, taking risks?

In future posts, I’ll write a bit more about some of the specific additions in the new edition! In the meantime, feel free to pick up the book from Amazon or wherever you get your books.

Reid and I hosting a book launch event this week.

Relationship Building vs. Networking via Reid

I wrote a piece on LinkedIn about the difference between networking and relationship building, using recent media profiles of Reid Hoffman — which mistakenly refer to him as a “networker” — as the impetus for the post. Opening:

My co-author Reid Hoffman, as co-founder of Linkedin and a successful investor in Silicon Valley, is the subject of many media profiles. Frequently, these profiles extol the power of his network. NPR’s story about our book The Start-up of Youwas headlined “Networking Tips from The Ultimate Networker.” Last month, Bloomberg magazine’s long and flattering profile of Reid was headlined in the print edition “Tech’s Ultimate Networker.”

It’s an unfortunate word choice that distorts how Reid thinks about relationships. And it misses the deeper point about what it means to work in a networked age.

Read the whole thing.

Me on Network Intelligence, Lifelong Learning, and Beginner’s Mind

I did an on-site video interview with The Cube after my keynote speech last week in Orlando. It’s 20 minutes long and we open with the Start-up of You and then cover topics like network intelligence, optimism vs. pessimism, and cultivating the beginner’s mind. Check it out.

Fortune Magazine: Treat Your Career Like a Start-up


There’s a feature story in Fortune magazine this month with a suggested 2015 resolution for all professionals: treat your career as a startup.

Delighted to see our book The Start-up of You as an anchor in the piece, and to see the career story of Nitin Julka highlighted as well. Nitin is featured on the Start-up of You web site as a case study in someone who used the principles of the book to transform his career:

On a quarterly basis, he conducts a life assessment and reviews what he considers to be his professional competitive advantage. Among his “most unique” attributes he lists his receptiveness to feedback. Indeed, in his quest for continual improvement, he has recorded personal and professional feedback in a single, running Google doc since 2010. He reads it once a week, when prompted by a recurring calendar invite.

Here’s the full Fortune piece.