Relationship Building vs. Networking via Reid

I wrote a piece on LinkedIn about the difference between networking and relationship building, using recent media profiles of Reid Hoffman — which mistakenly refer to him as a “networker” — as the impetus for the post. Opening:

My co-author Reid Hoffman, as co-founder of Linkedin and a successful investor in Silicon Valley, is the subject of many media profiles. Frequently, these profiles extol the power of his network. NPR’s story about our book The Start-up of Youwas headlined “Networking Tips from The Ultimate Networker.” Last month, Bloomberg magazine’s long and flattering profile of Reid was headlined in the print edition “Tech’s Ultimate Networker.”

It’s an unfortunate word choice that distorts how Reid thinks about relationships. And it misses the deeper point about what it means to work in a networked age.

Read the whole thing.

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