How to Take Intelligent Risk and Become Resilient to Anything

Reid and I wrote a long post on how to take intelligent risk in your career and become resilient to anything. It contains some of my favorite material from one of the key chapters of The Start-Up of You. Leave a comment over on the 4HWW post, introduce yourself, and tell us:

– What change do you want to make in your career in the next 30-60 days? (e.g. Change jobs, ask for a raise, find a new opportunity within your company)
– How are you thinking about the risk involved in this move?

We’ll select the person who leaves the most thoughtful comment no later than 5pm PST, June 21 (Thursday), and personally invest in making that person’s next career move successful.

Here’s what we can offer:

– Over email and in a 30-minute phone call, we’ll suggest relevant opportunities, key people to meet, and provide motivational support. The initial 30-minute call will be with me (Ben), and the follow-up emails will include Reid.
– Two signed copies of The Start-Up of You.
– Your story will be highlighted in our LinkedIn Group.
– Free Linkedin Premium subscription


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4 comments on “How to Take Intelligent Risk and Become Resilient to Anything
  • Interesting that Tim gives credit for the ladder photo and you do not–is there a reason for that?

  • I am currently in college. Therefore, there is the temptation to look at a career through a presentist view: that is, to start from the basis of being a college student and adjust it to fit what I imagine to be the career itself. This is self-evidently ridiculous: the career is a thing in and of itself, and an experience of weeks and decades in and of itself. So I would change the perception I have of what a career is.

  • Hi Ben,

    I loved the insights in the article. I left a comment and my story on there, but I had to look up your blog just because of your Chile experience. I was accepted yesterday for the English Opens Doors program in Chile. I’ll be volunteering as an English Teacher for 6-months. I’m leaving behind my Engineering and MBA degree to do this. I can’t find a job in US right now (I’m international) so decided to jump into the unknown instead of going back home to certainty. So, I’ll be hanging around your blog more often to read your Chilean posts and also the other interesting thoughts. Hope you get to read my comment on Tim’s blog.



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