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Today, I’m finally ready to talk about a project I’ve been working on for a very long time!

I’m coauthor, with Reid Hoffman, of a new book titled The Start-Up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career, which comes out February 14, 2012.

What’s the book about? New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, in his column last summer previewing the book, captured some of the key themes:

Its subtitle could easily be: “Hey, recent graduates! Hey, 35-year-old midcareer professional! Here’s how you build your career today.”

Hoffman argues that professionals need an entirely new mind-set and skill set to compete. “The old paradigm of climb up a stable career ladder is dead and gone,” he said to me. “No career is a sure thing anymore. The uncertain, rapidly changing conditions in which entrepreneurs start companies is what it’s now like for all of us fashioning a career. Therefore you should approach career strategy the same way an entrepreneur approaches starting a business.”

The strategies in this book will help you survive and thrive and achieve your boldest professional ambitions. The Start-Up of You empowers you to become the CEO of your career and take control of your future…no matter your profession or stage of career.

Intrigued? You should pre-order now on or


To nudge you to pre-order now instead of waiting, we’re running a special promotion that expires in three weeks. Order the book before February 14th and you’ll get a free bookplate / sticker in the mail with Reid’s signature and my signature that you can adhere to your hardcover book.

Plus, we’re giving away 20 different books to one person (selected at random) who pre-orders our book now. It’s not random reading list; we’ve curated a list of 20 outstanding books on entrepreneurial career strategy, adaptation, network building, and opportunity creation. Your library will be much richer because of them.

Simply forward your email receipt to [email protected], and you’ll get the autographs in the mail for free and a chance to win the 20 additional books–again, totally free. (Full legalese about the contest here.)

We will not be running this promotion again. Thanks for your support! More soon…

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