Best Sign at the Rally for Sanity

This wins the award for the best sign (among many hilarious mock-signs) at Jon Stewart's political Rally for Sanity last weekend in Washington D.C.:


How Seinfeldian: it identifies an issue everyone thinks about but rarely analyzes. Why do Mexican restaurants not provide more than three or four tortillas with a fajitas order? Order fajitas and you inevitably run out of tortillas before the meat and veggies are eaten.


Last week I met with a friend who subscribes to this blog via Kindle. He pulled up to our meeting place, got out and stood in front of his car, and waved me over. He popped open the trunk. I looked. He had just come from picking up groceries. Plop in the middle was a full rotisserie chicken. I asked, "You read my post?" He smiled and nodded. I had a quiet moment, and reflected. To think my blogging has had that kind of impact — to know that more supermarket rotisserie chickens have made their way into the homes of hard working men and women, to know that said men and women will be enjoying not only warm chicken right away but also cold chicken leftovers for days to come…goosebumps, goosebumps. (Thanks to Jackie Danicki for turning me on to the wonders of inexpensive supermarket rotisserie chicken.)


Here's my post on bread baskets, menus, and waiter eitquette. I talk about fish oil and supplements here. Here's my ode to the rice cooker. Paul Graham thinks the number of restaurants in a city that require men to wear a jacket and tie is an indicator of that city's potential as a tech center. Here are Michael Pollan's nine rules of thumb for good nutrition.

7 comments on “Best Sign at the Rally for Sanity
  • Regarding point #1: how much you want to bet that in Mexico, the average restaurant patron instead thinks, “Wow, look how much meat and veggies I got! I even ran out of tortillas!”

  • Really?

    First, Ben’s talking about Mexican restaurants in the States, not restaurants in Mexico. Two very different things.

    My guess is that the tortillas get cold, so that way you order more and get them hot. It works when you have an attentive waiter who regularly brings you more, instead of waiting for you to ask.

    It’s also a way to angle for a tip. “I (waiter) took several trips to your table, so I should get a bigger gratuity”. Possibly.

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