Three Things I’m Doing to Become Healthier and Smarter

1. I take four Kirkland Natural Fish Oil Omega 3 pills a day. Each pill has 1000 mg of total fish oil with 300 mg of DHA and EPA each. 1200 mg/day seems to be a good target amount. Here's a page comparing fish oil to flaxseed oil. Here are all of Seth Roberts' posts on Omega-3. Here is Tyler Cowen on his flaxseed oil supplement which he calls "good for his heart, brain, and gums" and says "the Omega-3 ingredient has a scientific consensus in its favor, with no evidence for negative side effects."

2. I'm tracking personal metrics. I'm starting with sleep and exercise. I record in Excel when I went to bed, when I woke up, and how many minutes I exercised. See the article titled You Are Your Data to learn about the burgeoning Quantified Self movement. I hope to track nutrition soon. And maybe one day I will be able to carefully track my time spent on different activities.

3. I'm interviewing local neuro-psychologists to see if they can help me understand how I learn. I am still unsure how I process information best. People with learning disabilities work with these folks. I don't think I have a learning disability but I do think I could do a better job at taking in information in ways that are optimal for my cognitive makeup. I'm also researching SPECT scans, but these have its critics and are expensive.

I'm not a self-improvement maniac. But I am on the lookout for ways to become healthier, happier, and smarter, and all these things seem likely to help in one or all of these fronts.

Thanks to Seth Roberts, Andy McKenzie, Tyler Cowen, and a Child of the Kemp for their direct or indirect advice.

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