Brad Feld and Paul Kedrosky: “This Shit Is Really Messy”

That's Brad Feld in a video dialog on with Paul Kedrosky, in the short clip excerpted below, referring to entrepreneurship. (Speaking of messiness, it's also the image — a mess — that Tyler Cowen thinks best describes most people's lives.) Brad and Paul have a 40 minute conversation about the macro dynamics of the venture capital industry, the IPO market in 2010, immigration reform, and why VCs and entrepreneurs sometimes talk past each other.

I'm helping Robert Wright expand bloggingheads, a reliable source of stimulating video content, to include business folks, so let me know what you think of this conversation.

5 comments on “Brad Feld and Paul Kedrosky: “This Shit Is Really Messy”
  • I enjoyed this, Ben. I found the part about the disconnect between VCs and entrepreneurs particularly interesting. I look forward to many more such diavlogs.

    One piece of feedback that may or may not be helpful: As much as I enjoy bloggingheads, I enjoyed the Think Different TV vodcasts more than any dialogs I’ve seen on bloggingheads. I think for someone with my demographic profile, the types of questions you ask are much more practical and interesting than off the cuff conversations about IPOs and VC conventions. Those can still be interesting too just to see the types of things business heavyweights think about and how they communicate, but my preference is more for ground-level topics, e.g. self-improvement, writing, blogs, career advice, ambition, etc. Hope that makes sense.

  • Bloggingheads is good, interesting content. Went to the home page and right for the deep issues.

    It’s about Tiger Woods but not all judgement or criticism. One of the guys says “makes me reluctant to get on my moral high horse. You put me in his shoes, I’m not sure I wouldn’t do the same.” Rather than good versus bad (he or she has a right to expect blah, blah, blah), it’s an examination of a messy situation.

    The format is effective. You can see a lit Christmas tree in the background. Makes it feel more real, less manufactured than the talking heads on TV. These two are good public speakers too. No ahs or ums. Toastmasters trained.

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