Links From Around the Web

Assorted links:

1. The greatest strength of America is the people who want to live there — its diversity and immigration.

2. 25 minute video presentation from Michael Clemens on why we should support immigration of all forms, and debunking the myths around illegal immigration.

3. Best photos of 2009 from the LA Times.

4. How to prevent a sneeze if you feel one coming on.

5. A restaurant that splits the bill to show what each person ordered. Brilliant.

6. The right minimum wage question.

7. A matrix breaking down leaders by four dimensions: highly educated, not highly educated, central planning, and decentralized.

8. Kurt Vonnegut's writing advice.

9. One way to debunk a thinker or writer: the stuff that's good isn't new, and the stuff that's new isn't good.

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