My Current Moment

I find myself using the handle of a disposable hair comb to scoop peanut butter out of a mini, emergency jar of peanut butter, given to my new friend when he went to Sichuan Province (“I’m afraid you might starve,” he was told), and then the jar of peanut butter was passed onto me.

So, to recap: in Beijing, using a hair comb (the handle part) to eat peanut butter right out of the jar.

It is my first taste of peanut butter in five weeks. And it is glorious.

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  • hello! I’m in Montevideo right now staying with a friend who is teaching English here for a while. I’m actually leaving tomorrow night to go home and I was looking up how much it costs to leave Uruguay…I feel like I’m paying a ransom! So you had to pay $30?
    This weekend, we had gone to Buenos Aires and enjoyed it. La Boca is very nice, until some stupid punk-ass teenage boys stop you and ask you if you have cameras. How stupid do I look? Suuuree…just wait right here and I’ll take it out and hand it right to you.
    The weather has been unnaturally warm here which is good! (hurray for global warming)
    How has your trip been going/gone?

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