I’ve Decided Not to Follow the Healthcare Debate

I don’t have an opinion on healthcare. I’m not following the debate that’s currently dominating the headlines in America (and China, incidentally, where I am now). I’m clueless. People ask me what I think, and I tell them, “I know nothing.”

I’ve decided I’m just going to read it about once it’s resolved.

You can’t keep up with everything. Rather than lightly follow along and skim articles and pretend to be informed, I’m consciously opting out. I rarely do this when it comes to current affairs — I’m kind of a junkie — but I must say, this time around, it feels liberating.

Now, since I still read my favorite bloggers, I do catch whiffs about what’s going on. As the debate seems to spiral into the gutter — welcome to the “era of separate fact universes” — perhaps it’s time to consider whether politics is the the mind-killer after all…

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