Rep. Peter Stark: An Exemplary Public Servant

Congressman Peter Stark (D – California) represents all that is great about American politicians: humility, wide-ranging and mature vocabulary, and a genuine warm-heartedness towards those interested in political issues.

Take his must-watch interview with libertarian Socratic Dialogue devotee Jan Helfeld discussing the national debt. Congressman Stark, tripped up after saying that a country's wealth increases as its national debt increases, tells the interviewer to "shut up." He then tries to end the interview by telling Helfeld to "get the fuck out of here or I'll throw you out the window." See the clip below.

Stark has quite a record. In a 2001 debate, he falsely stated that all of the children of Congressman J. C. Watts of Oklahoma were "born out of wedlock." In another debate, he called Congresswoman Nancy Johnson of Connecticut a "whore for the insurance industry" and suggested that her knowledge of health care came solely from "pillow talk" with her husband, a physician.

Elsewhere on the web, here are the Top 10 Most Disastrous David Letterman interviews ever. #10 is Joaquin Phoenix. The Madonna one is pretty funny. Here is a news release about heroic efforts to create braille pornography for blind people.

I thank Andy McKenzie, David Lee, and Chris Yeh for sending the above links. I'm sitting in this Hilton hotel room in South Carolina laughing my ass off, by the way. You know when you're laughing so hard that your muscles become weak? That's me. I can't get the damn bar of soap out of the little hotel package due to muscle weakness.

6 Responses to Rep. Peter Stark: An Exemplary Public Servant

  1. Alex says:

    Hey Ben,

    Good video – although I gotta say, I hope that Jan guy has gotten better at interviewing since then, cuz he was WEAK.

  2. Gary says:

    yo ben you ever see this?


  3. Ben Casnocha says:


    • Jan Helfeld says:

      Thank you for posting the Pete Stark interview. Have you seen any of my recent interviews? Please contact me. I would like to discuss some of the documentaries I produced and my Socratic interviewing.
      Jan Helfeld

  4. Okay, so Pete Stark has a potty mouth. But, compared to President Lyndon Johnson, this guy’s nothing but an amateur. That LBJ, he really knew how to *cuss*.

  5. Oh, speaking of notable Presidential cussers, we also need to add Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton to the list. As for our current President, I *think* he keeps his language pretty clean.


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