What People Remember or Relate To: Other People

What people remember, and relate to, quite simply, is other people.  There are few truths in marketing more important than that.

That’s Tyler Cowen, as told to Kevin Gentry and included in his "Fundraising Tip of the Week" email. Kevin goes on to say that marketing your personality is key in business.

All good bloggers are able to in some way convey their personality through their blog. If your blog has no voice or personality, readers will flee. What makes blogs fun to read is that they’re personal and don’t pretend to be Objective (aka, the Voice of Death). Many people who have shown up to the blogosphere recently, particularly academics and journalists, write like they would in a newspaper. Usually doesn’t work.

Tyler is one of the best at conveying his personality through blogging.

4 comments on “What People Remember or Relate To: Other People
  • Thanks for sharing Ben–I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I work through the voice/audience/value proposition/why should people read my blog…

    I’m always amazed by Seth Godin’s ability to maintain professionalism in a very personable manner!

    When do you think you become too personal–too much opinionated voice??

  • I’ll have to keep these tips in mind for when I start blogging again. Once finals are over…then I can kick it into gear.

  • I think that as long as you are geniune and honest in your writing, your true and honest representation of your voice will come out.

    No pandering to the crowd, speaking with a persona or any level of deception. Good post mate.

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