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The district attorney of Harris County (Texas) – Chuck Rosenthal – just resigned his post. It’s good news for opponents of the death penalty as Rosenthal asked for the ax more than any other DA in the country. Why is he stepping down? Among other things, he had sent love notes to his secretary, sent emails with racist jokes, set off firecrackers in a stairwell, and endorsed one judge because "she looked great in jeans." What a man. His explanation for his most recent brouhaha:

“The particular combination of drugs prescribed for me in the past has caused some impairment in my judgment."

Riiiight. Sounds to me like he never matured past the horny 8th grade rebel stage.

In other news, a school district in Arizona, in an attempt to clarify its policy against public displays of affection, has banned hugs which last longer than two seconds. Students protested by organizing one big group hug across the street. Another one of those moments when you’re embarrassed for the human race.

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