Book Notes: American Creation by Joseph Ellis

Joseph Ellis’ new book American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the Republic is vintage Ellis: clear, lucid prose, a focused topic, and an engaging blend of historical facts and action-packed storytelling.

He looks at the founding of America by examining key moments which illustrate the awe-inspiring accomplishments of the founders and their tragic missteps. Indeed, sometimes those moments are one and the same.

I highly recommend the book for anyone interested in the American founding.

I typed over 2,000 words of rough notes on the book over at the BookOutlines wiki: here’s the direct link to my notes on American Creation.

3 comments on “Book Notes: American Creation by Joseph Ellis
  • Nice write-up on BookOutlines, Ben. I’ve long been a fan of Ellis’ works for exactly the reasons you describe. I particularly enjoyed American Sphinx, Founding Brothers, and His Excellency.

    Come to think of it, I’ve got American Creation sitting at home, just waiting to be read…I might have to make that a project over spring break now!

  • Aw, Ben, ease up on us old folks. I’m halfway through re-reading your book (again), and you just gave me something else to read.

    And, wouldn’t ya know it, the library has Ellis’ book, so looks like it will be on my nightstand soon.

    With regards from another bookslut…

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