Looking Back at 2007 Reading

I read 62 books in 2007. This is down from 83 in 2006 and 99 in 2005. (Here are all the books I’ve read from June ’04 – Dec ’07.) I don’t like the downward trend! One big reason is starting college, which has proven to be a time drain. Reading is a big part of college, but weirdly, I feel like I was reading more when I was on my own.

In any event, it’s about quality not quantity. Here were my favorite books from 2007:

4 comments on “Looking Back at 2007 Reading
  • One big reason is starting college, which has proven to be a time drain.

    This is my new favorite quote of the year so far.

    By the way, out of curiosity, are you in the camp that tracks books read using an online service or are you a pen and journal man?

  • Ben (or anyone else),

    What’s your strategy on re-reading? I have an army of books I’d like to get go, but re-reading isn’t at all a part of my reading plan. Any pointers?


  • Cal – I ought to use Shelfari or something, but for now I just use TypePad’s “Typelists” to enter my books in. I’ll probably try to migrate to a better online service.

    Tom – I, too, have books I want to re-read. But I often find a new, unopened book more enticing. Grr. When I do re-read, I try to make it a “read closely and take lots of notes” session. If it’s worth your time for a second go-around, it’s probably worth taking notes on.

  • Ben, thanks for putting together this list. I reread a couple of your reviews and have added several of these to my reading list.

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