Book Review: One Person / Multiple Careers

Marci Alboher has written a great new book that came out yesterday called One Person / Multiple Careers. She sent me an early copy and after reading it I spoke with her on the phone.

The premise is this: From lawyer/chefs to police officer/personal trainers to mom/CEOs, more and more people are building careers filled with slashes. Sometimes “slash” people live a multi-tenent career all at once; other times they layer past experiences into their current job (in other words, they may officially be a full-time “mom” but they think of themselves as “CEO/Mom” by incorporating their CEO experiences into their mothering). However they do it, slash people usually don’t work conventional 9-5 jobs and usually are entrepreneurial in constructing their sense of self.

I have been an entrepreneur / writer / student for several years and hope I never have to give up my free-agent, slash lifestyle. Leading multiple “careers” at once is a most fulfilling path. After all, my theory is that around 50% of the seeds I plant never germinate, so I always need to be involved in multiple activities / careers — that is, plant many seeds at once — to ensure a decent number sprout.

Marci outlines good tips for building a customized career of your dreams by becoming a slash. Marci — thanks for sending this to me! Go evangelize the wonders of a slash lifestyle!

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