Best, Best, Best: Books of ’07

I love books, and I love the "best of" lists that come out at the end of each year.’s worthwhile blog Omnivoracious: Hungry for the Next Great Book has a useful round-up of the recent NYT "Top 10 Books of 2007" list. I’ve heard of all of them. I’ve read none.

I’ll be posting my ’07 book roundup in a few weeks.


Apologies for the light posting, a stomach bug has taken hold. Fear not, new, original content is coming soon to a blog near you.

6 comments on “Best, Best, Best: Books of ’07
  • I would recommend the Nine by Jeffrey Toobin, but only if you are a liberal who believes in discovered rights. Toobin is flat wrong on some of the Constitutional theory underlying Thomas’s jurisprudence.

  • You know, I meant to get around to reading Imperial Life, but I never did. (Part of it may have been that I simply refused to accept that such gross incompetence as described in the book could actually be the reality in Iraq.) I’ll have to pick it up over break.

    And while we’re on the subject of “original content is coming soon to a blog near you,” you’re not the only one recovering from a malaise. I’m looking for some new Stamp-of-Idiocy material, too, so hopefully my next post will come soon (and be a good bit more entertaining than the last few, to boot).

  • I tried, tried, tried real hard, to live Tree of Smoke. But it’s typical of a novel written by a poet. Beautiful, long, evocative and nearly no plot. The pretty words were not enough to carry me beyond page 150.

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