What’s With All the Sluts Nowadays?

What’s with all the sluts nowadays? That’s the lazy rhetorical question asked by many when it comes to the widely-used phrase and widely misunderstood phenomenon known as "hooking up".

There’s been some nice chatter by Matthew Yglesias, The American Scene, and Dana Gouldstein who are all tackling the issue raised by a recent David Brooks column. Brooks said this ($):

Now young people face a social frontier of their own. They hit puberty around 13 and many don’t get married until they’re past 30. That’s two decades of coupling, uncoupling, hooking up, relationships and shopping around. This period isn’t a transition anymore. It’s a sprawling life stage, and nobody knows the rules.

This strikes me as accurate. As you can see from all the blogosphere discussion, though, it’s really complex.

I expect I’ll have more to say once I’m living in a dorm. Until then, here’s an old post of mine on girl-on-girl hookups and performative lesbianism which had 21 comments. Here’s a summary of that discussion. Here’s my review of I Am Charlotte Simmons. Here’s some chatter in the comments to one of my old posts on "fuck buddies".

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