Girl-on-Girl Hookups and Sexuality Categories

Salon had an article (free w/ day pass) last week titled "Live girl-on-girl action!" about a new trend of girls making out with other girls to turn guys on at high school and college parties. Is this sexual liberation or regression, it asks?

Like the oral sex epidemic in teenageland, the big question here is whether girls are succuming to guys’ wishes and being dishonest to their own desires.

I can attest to the trend, but my question isn’t whether girls are "on their knees" — I think they are, I think a pornified culture is hurting women — but whether teens’ new sexuality categories will endure after school. For example, in this article we read terms such as "bicurious" or "heteroflexible." I think of the Foreign Policy article I blogged last year which predicted which instituations will be extinct in 20 years (monogamy was one). Clearly polygamy and singles engaging in new shades of bisexual behavior are different, but they’re related. Is "Lesbian Until Graduation" going to become "Lesbian Until I Feel Like It"? Will the terms Gay and Straight slowly become more entangled and thus less relevant?

One note related to the fuck buddy discussion on an earlier post. There’s a quote on this article on the one-off girl-girl hookups: "One of girls’ fantasies of hooking up with a guy you like is that they’ll want to date you, but that’s a tried-and-failed situation. If you go home with a guy [right away], you have a minimal chance of him taking you seriously."

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