Jared Polis for Congress

Jared Polis, an extremely successful technology entrepreneur, is running for Congress in Colorado’s second congressional district.

When I lived in Boulder during Q1, I met with Jared twice, each time for more than two hours. I came away inspired and impressed. Besides being a really nice guy, he’s also very thoughtful and driven, and sports a range of public and private sector experiences.

If you live in Jared’s district in Colorado, I hope you can support him in the next election. If you don’t live in CO, consider supporting his campaign in other ways.

It’s easy to be cynical about D.C. politics. Knowing that people like Jared might have the opportunity to change things makes me hopeful…

2 comments on “Jared Polis for Congress
  • I have met Jared several times now and had similar experiences. You are right he is a thoughtful, driven person. I even shook his hand today at the farmers market in Boulder.

    In addition, I finished your book last week and it is now cycling through the office.

  • Thanks for the information about Jared. And thus I find out that Mark Udall, who currently represents the 2nd district, will be running for the Senate in 2008. Man, am I behind the times. Mark is one of my current heroes because he tried to stop oil and gas development on the Roan Plateau. Jared is the only Board of Education member who ever sent personal mailings to Coloradoans (probably because he could afford it). I just had a mailing from his foundation a month ago or so. I don’t live in the 2nd district, but Jared will probably do well based on name recognition alone.

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