A Blog Reader’s Desire for More Emotion

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I love ideas. I love reading about ideas, talking to people about ideas, and generally thinking hard about interesting issues.

I also love meeting blog readers in-person. It’s a fascinating interaction to meet someone in-person who’s been reading my blog — they have all sorts of ideas about what I’ll be like. Sometimes reality is consistent with expectations, sometimes not.

I recently met a reader with whom I’d had some electronic communication and a brief phone call. We’d also been reading each other’s blog for a year or so. She came into our breakfast meeting with a single goal: No intellectual banter. She wanted to know the "real Ben". She wanted to know the emotional Ben. She wanted to pull back the curtain.

It reminded me of my June ’06 post and long comment discussion titled, "Where are the references to the non-professional emotional events in my life?"

I’m not sure there’s really a curtain to pull back, but I’ll certainly try to blog more about "soft stuff". Any other feedback is welcome!

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