Video and Print Interview with Me on TechStars

There’s only a couple weeks before the TechStars application deadline. For those who don’t know, TechStars is a start-up entrepreneurship boot camp happening in Boulder this summer for 10 teams of extraordinary young entrepreneurs. Apply today!

David Cohen, executive director (and ping-pong arch rival) and I recently did a video interview on the program which you can view here. We did it in the back of a stationary store. It’s a bit hokey, but who cares. Warning: I had a case of the giggles before and during the interview, and attentive viewers will notice numerous attempts to suppress the urge.

Here’s a print article by the Boulder County Business Report on TechStars and me, and my time in Boulder more generally.

3 comments on “Video and Print Interview with Me on TechStars
  • Nice! Although, to give 8 Days a Week proper credit, I’m sure that they would prefer to be called an imaging and copy center vs. a stationary store. 🙂

    I’ve actually done an impromptu video podcast here as well – pretty random setup they have in the back there.

  • Speaking of ping pong, Ben. I was up at a buddie’s place in Philly for the weekend and he had Ping Pong for the Nintendo Wii. Totally thought that you’d enjoy the game if you got a chance to play it!

    That’s it. Nothing insightful to say, just that I was thinking about a blogger friend when playing a video game this weekend!


  • I guess the question begging to be asked with the advent of video-sharing, video-blogging, and pod-casting is when will the first podcast studio stores spring up? I can see it now, kinda like the cheesy mall photographer’s storefront. You’ll have the ability to change the background, pick some props, maybe even dress up in costume and create your podcast. Sadly, it doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. Any venture firms with an interest in investing? haha

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