Going for the Jugular in Ping Pong

After my post last week on my Epic Ping Pong Match I received several emails from local Boulderites who wanted to challenge me on my home court.

This morning, David Cohen, a local angel investor, entrepreneur, and executive director of TechStars, walked into my condominium. I’ve been working with David on TechStars and we gave a joint speech at the University of Denver the other week on entrepreneurship. He’s a confident guy. But this morning, when I stared deeply into David’s wondrous eyes, I saw fear. I saw the look of a scared child. “David,” I wanted to say to him, “Don’t be scared. I may be good at ping-pong — but fear not. I’m not Jack Bauer. I’m not even Jack Bauer’s father.”

Instead of smack talk, however, I merely suggested in a few terse words that we get to it. We played six competitive games. It was a lot of fun. David shares his thoughts on his blog:

Playing against Ben is tough, because he can reach literally anything. If you challenge him, my advice is twofold. First, hit into his body and let his wingspan work against him as much as you can. Second, when you really need a point, float an easy serve to his forehand once in a while and he’ll sometimes overhit. His backhand is too good, and he’s expecting it on most serves.

12 comments on “Going for the Jugular in Ping Pong
  • Talk smack all or not, but don’t forget that there are probably, oh, 500 million people in China who can kick your ass. We had a Chinese employee at my first company. If you asked him, he’d say he was no good. Yet he could beat every one in the company easily.

    Left handed.

    After lots of practice a few of us got to where he had to play us right-handed, at which he still pounded us.

  • I believe you when you say you couldn’t find a challenger while you were in China.

    While standing tall at 6 “3 and looking from your eye level, you could have spotted only tree tops and terraces – that’s 30,000 ft view there.

    You should’ve actually looked down to find real masters.

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