Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain Park

My folks came to town last weekend to celebrate my 19th orbit around the sun. We went to Rocky Mountain National Park to hang in the mountains and, most notably, snowshoe. Chalk up a new life experience!

The weather for snowshoeing was absolutely spectacular. Good snow on the ground but sunny and not a cloud in the sky. Majestic mountains never out of sight. Snowshoeing is drop dead simple: just walk. We trekked through the woods and hardly saw another person. It’s most fun when you walk on virgin snow and therefore create your own tracks.

If you’re a California softie but want to feel "hard" like Rocky Mountain folk, snowshoeing is an awesome, easy exercise. And I highly recommend Estes Park / Rocky Mountain National Park.


5 Responses to Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain Park

  1. Dani says:

    Happy Birthday Ben!

  2. Scott Young says:

    Happy Birthday.

  3. Jeremy Welch says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Nothing beats snowshoeing in the Rockies, well except hiking the same trails in the summer!

    I just got back from surfing in San Diego where I lived for a few years – I am still draining salt water from my sinuses!
    The west is the best!

  5. Here in Salt Lake City, UT, we have access to a different section of the Rockies.

    To be honest, my preference is hiking in the Summer. But that’s not an option so I take the snowshoes in the Winter months.

    Plenty of times, I just don’t see the Sun. But it’s always nice when I do. You were lucky in the respect.


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