Quotes of the Day

“Being Chinese and Jewish is normal for me. Thinking about being Chinese and Jewish is a little strange.” – Journey From a Chinese Orphanage to a Jewish Rite of Passage, NYT

“[This is for] the people who speak out, speak out because they are passionate about the book, about the word, about the page and, in that sense, we’re all brothers and sisters. Give yourself a hand….In closing, I want to say that I hope you all find something good to read tonight or tomorrow.” – Stephen King, National Book Award Acceptance Speech

“And again, this is exactly what you’d expect from any major social change – winners and losers, advantages and disadvantages, advances and retreats. Which is why the thing to do now is attempt to conserve what’s good about the changes of the last forty years while addressing what’s gone wrong – instead of insisting that Joe Francis, a seventy-percent illegitimacy rate in the black community, and Saturday night at a Duke frat have nothing, nothing to do with feminism and the Sexual Revolution, and anyway it’s all the patriarchy’s fault.” – Ross Douthat, “Feminism and Its Discontents

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