Quote of the Day and Assorted Links

I will do a longer post and review on this topic, so I won’t reveal the source book now, but let this serve as an enticement:

The first thing you say to a woman matters very little. Some guys tell me they can’t think of anything or they need a really good line. I tell them they are thinking too much…

"How are you?" I asked.

That is one of my usual openers. Just something you hear every day from the grocery store clerk. 95% respond with a one-word, noncommittal answer: "fine" or "okay". Three percent with enthusiasm: "great" or "super". Those are the ones you learn to stay away from — they’re nuts. And two percent respond with an honest, "Terrible. My husband just left me for his yoga teacher’s receptionist. How fucking Zen." Those are the ones you love.

And here are some assorted links that passed through my brain today:

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