Forbes Special Report on Achievement

Forbes has a special report on Achievement. Specific articles below. Quote of the day: "Great people judge themselves failures, and those who accomplish nothing swell with pride." Thanks Nitin for the pointer.

Confessions Of A (Recovering) Overachiever Alexandra Robbins
            Fulfillment leads to achievement, not the other way around.

Looking Failure In The Face Neil Steinberg
            We all have a string of ”F”s on our records, whether we acknowledge them or not.

High-Achieving Genes Carl Zimmer
            Genghis Khan not only conquered the known world, but he fathered a good portion of it too.

Unconquered Peaks, Unexplored Rivers And More! Maureen Farrell
            For the adventurous, there’s plenty of virgin territory.

Wall Street’s Magic Number Liz Moyer
            How much money is enough?

The Achievement Gap Tim Harford
            Why aren’t African-Americans achieving all that they could?

Remarkable Posthumous Achievements Michael Maiello
            Sometimes you really are better off dead.

We’re All Failures David Serchuk
            The bad news? You are going to be a failure.
            The good news? You aren’t alone.                         

Greatest Athletic Achievements Edited by Michael Noer
            The 20 most impressive individual athletic achievements of the last 150 years.

One-Hit Wonders Tom Van Riper
The mystery of flash-in-the-pan success.

Whiz Kids Lacey Rose
            The lives and times of seven child prodigies.

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