A Teenager’s Struggle with Alcohol


Bekka is a Bay Area-based high school student. I’ve been reading her blog for a few months. It’s clear she’s a talented writer and an even more talented photographer. Her posts blend a mature self-awareness with a rebellious artistic flair. Yesterday, out of the blue, she posted about her struggle with alcohol. Titled "Walking the fine line between self-control and self-abuse," it is an incredibly poignant entry which, when accompanied by the photograph she took of herself above, produces a stirring, somewhat saddening effect. Having lived through an alcohol-soaked high school social scene myself, I can attest to the fine line’s existence, and the unfortunate reality that too many kids are on the self-abuse end of the spectrum.

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  • Thanks for this, Ben – it’s doubly worthy as it is from a female alcoholic, a perspective which I find sadly lacking. (In my experience, there is a special shame which goes with being a woman with an alcohol addiction, a stigma derived of feeling you are betraying your femininity.) There are issues that affect females with drinking problems which I hope Bekka will address as eloquently as she did her ‘coming out’.

  • Thanks for the link to Bekka’s site Ben; I’m new to this whole blog thing, but I’ll definitely take a look, at her space. Thanks for your comments too Jackie – spot on…
    I am surrounded by recovering alcoholics (from teens to seniors) daily, and if Bekka choses to relinquish her “self-control” and get help, I know from first hand experience that she will have the capacity to live a happy and joyous (sober) creative life.

  • It’s so sad. Thanks Ben for the link. I have read her article. She’s been struggling to fight against alcohol. Since high school, she is already engaged with alcohol. It’s good for her that she is trying fight it.

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